Dating Tips which Help You Feel Confident

Geplaatst op 28-03-2024

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Things that will help you date more often

Dating is impossible without confidence. The initial “asking out”, the holding hands, the first kiss, the comfortable long hours of conversation…all take confidence. If you don’t venture out and place yourself in areas where you will have the opportunity to meet someone, then the alternative is to use an Internet dating service- but, even the Internet dating services take confidence also. To boost your confidence level, whether a single woman or man, use the following tips:

- First, determine if you are honestly “ready” to meet that special someone. If you have doubts, then take your time, if you are sure you are ready then proceed.

- Make a list of all the things you do not like about yourself. Do you bite your nails? Is your hair too long? Do you wear wrinkled clothes? Be honest and be brutal.

- Make a list of what others may not like about you when they see and know you. Ask a friend if they see you this way.

- Make note of the way you dress and the way you look.


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- Make a list of things you can do better and change them. Perhaps spending more time walking your dog, being a friend, telling someone you care, etc.

- Make changes to yourself. This not only includes lifestyle changes as in more fruits and vegetables, but exercise, a new hair do, have a manicure or a pedicure, or maybe a few highlights to your hair. You will instantly feel a boost of confidence as the new you begins to glow in your outward as well as inward beauty.

- Only make and keep the changes you are comfortable with.

- As your confidence grows, others will recognize this. You will notice that as the new you emerges you will get a sense of accomplishment from those around you.

- Improve by improving your routines. Get rid of the ones that drag you down. Don’t surround yourself with people that bring you or others down. If they are talking poorly about “Joe” or “Alice” when they are with you, they are likely talking poorly about you when they are with “Joe” or “Alice”.

- Get involved in things you always wanted to do but did not have the time or courage to do such as a new sport, going to the exercise gym, or engaging in a new hobby.

- Take pleasure in the simple pleasures of life. Enjoy that soft pillow when you lay your head down at night. Invite friends for dinner if you enjoy cooking. Recognize the things that bring you comfort and that you enjoy and practice them.

- Make yourself number one.

- When making changes to improve yourself your confidence levels will improve and your life will begin to spiral up.

- Be selective. Don’t settle for someone just because they are “responding” to you. Don’t be shy. Engage in conversation with as many people as you can. The more interest you have from others, the stronger your confidence level will be.

- Get on the scene and begin to date. If you are asked out, accept!

- Set goals…this means romantic goals as well. People enjoy associating with people who have set goals for themselves and strive to reach them. As they say, confidence breeds confidence.

- If you are interested in someone ask them out. Do not take it personally if you are rejected.

- Do not allow others to drag you down…whether it through a current situation or a past. Know who you are and love and like yourself.

- Open yourself to opportunity through social activities.

- Always make conversation with those you find attractive.

- Remember that the more “yes” responses you receive the stronger your confidence level will become. The more you choose the “right dates” the more yes responses you will receive, so take a realistic approach when dating.

- Keep a healthy attitude by staying away from what you don’t like and instilling a positive mental attitude in everything that you do.

- Keep improving. Don’t get discouraged and always continue to go forward. Remember, the old days are gone and this is all about you!